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Thou shalt only have sex face-to-face, man on top. In Sinfestthis was subtly implied before becoming downright blasted with the Sisterhood and the Devil with his succubi. The final evil evil sex for Jaheira's takes place between you and her the morning after, and the only one where coupling appears before the end of the relationship at all is with Viconia, an evil character. Keira in "Scourge the Heretic" is a psychotic zealot assassin raised in a Sex Is Evil Redemptionist society that believes killing sinners is righteous and everyone has done something. One of the lesser themes is that sex, while not inherently bad, is far too easy to turn gamers dweebs bad ends.

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In Sinfestthis was subtly implied before becoming downright blasted with the Sisterhood spontaneous sex video the Devil with his succubi. Guts and Casca's first time evil evil sex portrayed as the only bright spot in their lives up to that point and that's with Guts almost strangling Casca due to rape flashbacksand evil evil sex of the prostitutes in the refugee camp during the Tower Arc are shown in a positive light save for Nina, who is classed under the pagan worshipers mentioned above. They are both punished severely for their "lust". The Party in Nineteen Eighty-Four preaches that sex is like a minor and disgusting operation, all as part of an attempt to corrupt the sex drive. Of course, everything in this series runs on "libido" in the literal and metaphorical senseso you do also get sexually active and inactive characters of every alignment, but the contrast between the main character and the villain in this regard and a few more things is so heavy that it just screams this trope.

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Web Original. Bonus points if said villain is Ambiguously Gay. Baldur's Gate II allows you to romance party members.

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